Hi there! My name is Hisham “Sham” Othman and I am running for Mayor of Brier. I have lived here for 11+ years with my wife, Anna. We have two boys, Carter (6) and Alexander (5), both who will be attending Brier Elementary this fall. I believe that having a mayor who is not only deeply committed to all of Brier and its success, but understands and reflects the majority of the population (working families with kids) and the daily challenges they face is essential to our city’s overall health. I will bring a fresh approach to how city hall is managed through transparency, technology, hard work, and inclusivity.

One of my top focuses will be making City Hall more transparent and accessible. For example, currently if you want to be involved with city government, you need to attend a city council meeting on a Tuesday at 7pm. Meeting minutes are often vague, outdated, and difficult to find. Whether the meeting is in-person at City Hall or held over Zoom, I can tell you that any working family with kids is not sitting around watching the clock. We are busy with kids’ sports practices, preparing dinner, helping with homework, or taking the garbage out. If elected, meeting minutes posted online would be more timely, more robust and include supporting documentation. This way those working families can review what was discussed on their own time.

Further, the annual budget posted on the city website would be much more detailed. I can make that happen using my 13+ years of working in finance and accounting. Residents should be able to tell where our revenue is coming from and exactly what we are spending funds on. If elected, I would expand the budget details posted online to make all of this information transparent without the need for individual residents to submit public records requests.

This fall you have the opportunity to elect change, and bring into City Hall someone with fresh ideas and new approaches on how to operate efficiently. Don’t get me wrong, I love our city and don’t want anything that makes it unique to change. This includes keeping lot sizes the way they are, ensuring horse riders can continue to visit our arena, and doing everything possible to retain and grow our police force. Please know that I am a person who works hard, and has fun doing it. I love our city and would love the chance to be your mayor.

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