About Sham


  • University of Washington, Seattle – Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration with a  concentration in Accounting 

Professional Work

  • Four years in the accounting and auditing industry
  • Nine plus years as a finance person for a Washington state agency

Awards and Recognition

  • Briers’ Gone Bananas Award – October 2019
    • Inaugural recipient
    • Criteria to receive this award:

1) Brier Citizen
2) Great sense of humor (“little off the rails” is helpful!)
3) Being a Good Doer (encompassing a passion for our town, and the folks living in in it)

Community Service

As I’ve mentioned, I love our city and as a resident, do whatever I can to help make it a better place, including helping other residents in need.  Below are a few events that demonstrate the type of person I am.

My wife, Anna, and I had prepared for a big family gathering and were expecting my parents to attend.  Both my parents were feeling under the weather and decided to stay at their home.  Not wanting the food we purchased to go to waste, I came up with a unique idea:  invite a random person/family to join us!  Anna was a bit skeptical of the idea, but went along with it. I posted the following offer on our local gifting Facebook page:

Offer:  If there is anyone in the Brier area who does not have plans for Thanksgiving, you are more than welcome to join our family. Seriously.  We will provide all the food and you just bring yourself.  Dinner will start around 5pm.  

Within a few hours, a family who were new to the area reached out as they didn’t have anyone they were planning to spend it with. The family came over and both our families instantly hit it off.  They were a young couple with two kids similar in age to our boys.  All the kids played together, didn’t fight once, and all sat together at the kid’s table.  The adults talked, laughed, and even played a few games of pool. At the end of the night when it was time for our new friends to head home, both our boys were sad that “the party was over.”  We reassured them that we would definitely be getting together again soon.

During early November 2020, on a Friday evening around 8pm, a woman posted on the community Facebook page asking if anyone had a metal detector to borrow ASAP. She mentioned how her husband lost his wedding ring in Locust Creek Park in the dark.  She was concerned that if he waited until the morning, that it could get trampled over and pushed into the muddy trail.  I could sense the urgency in her request and while I didn’t own a metal detector, I volunteered my time to help search.  Myself, the woman’s husband, and another Brier resident spent nearly 2 hours in temperatures just above freezing walking every trail multiple times.  We were equipped with flashlights, headlamps, and metal detectors. A few minutes before 11pm, our flashlights were shining on the wedding ring, laying directly in the middle of the trail. I posted an update in the online discussion with a picture of the ring and the caption Good news!

Upon sharing the picture, the comments section was filled with energy and excitement.  Here are some of the responses from fellow Brier residents:

  • Wow! Terrific! 2020 has been a terrible year: now, I’ve gained a bit of faith back. 
  • Amazing!!
  • Such a great update!
  • Yay– love all the help you received!!
  • Omg that’s awesome!!
  • Yay! Congratulations! So happy for you. Brier peeps are the best.
  • Oh wow! That’s awesome!
  • WOW, what an awesome outcome!!! Perseverance, diligence and thoughtful neighbors pays off…I LOVE IT
  • Again Brier community for the win!
  • Hip Hip Hurray !!! Love this town!

During mid December 2020 on a Sunday night, a resident posted on the community Facebook page seeking assistance of skillful movers to help get a sectional couch moved. It was currently stuck against a wall in the hallway. Going off of the success of locating the lost wedding ring, that same resident asked if I was ready to assist.  We wanted to help get the couch moved and were not interested in any compensation.  Within an hour, we pulled up to the house and assessed the situation.  The couch was indeed stuck and there was no way it could be moved within the house.  Then a moment of clarity hit and we thought about the problem “outside of the box.”  We took the couch sections outside the house through the front door, removed a window screen, and took them into the family room via the window.  The homeowner was ecstatic and provided the following update:

“I must give a big public Thank you to Kevin and Sham for showing up at a stranger’s door to help a damsel in distress.  They were incredibly inventive.  They ended up bringing the couch in through a downstairs window.  Can you believe that? Aren’t they clever? Thank you again to both of you. That was an amazing gift of your time and abilities. “

The snowstorm of February 2021 brought over 8 inches of snow in one day, and over a foot in total.  We live on 228th near an area known by locals as “the dip” since you must walk down and uphill to go to Mountlake Terrace. That Sunday afternoon I figured to shovel snow off the sidewalk of the section across the street from our house.  I continued shoveling further down and eventually figured I might as well go all the way down the hill.  In total I shoveled a wide path measuring 400+ feet of compact snow and ice. Folks who were walking up or down the path praised the efforts as it made their walk safer.  Even folks driving by honked and one even slowed down to thank me. 

The morning following my efforts of shoveling 400+ feet of sidewalk, I noticed a post by a woman on the community Facebook group asking if someone could shovel their driveway as her husband had a physical therapy appointment he couldn’t miss.  The woman even offered to pay whoever did it. I wasn’t interested in money, rather I just wanted to help out.  I got dressed up, grabbed my snow shovel, and walked the block to their house.  I got to work shoveling and had a nice clear path shoveled from the garage all the way to the street.  The husband attempted to pay me for my efforts and I kindly declined and instead suggested he make a donation to Brier Helping Brier, a nonprofit which was created to help provide support for struggling households within the Brier community. A few hours later, the women posted the following in the Facebook group: